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A booming rise in the demand of Medical Cannabis

Today, it is easier to access medical marijuana in India compared to a few years ago. The Indian government has been following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), which recommend medical cannabis oil for patients suffering from debilitating diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. There are two types of cannabis plant used for this medicine; Indica or Sativa plants and the hybrids. These cannabis plants are cultivated across India under different conditions including climatic and geographical variations.

If you are going to buy cannabis oil in India, then you should be aware of two important factors. One should know about the production process and the other should be aware about the processing method used. Many pharmaceutical companies in India are offering the capsules of the CBD as the pure form of the medicine. There are also some companies who are producing the oil in the hemp plants, so that it can be sold as a pure product.

Cannabis oil India also contains a significant amount of several nutrients that help improve appetite, nutrition and weight control. The CBD and THC are the active ingredients of the plant which provide medicinal benefits. Many studies and researches have revealed that THC is the most important ingredient of the cannabis plant, which effectively modulates the human brain Reward and aversion system, and helps reduce emotional and behavioural disorders, insomnia, depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders. Besides this, the CBD is the primary antipsychotic component which helps to treat schizophrenia patients in Indian hospitals.

CBD oil – A major preference

It has been noticed that Indian people prefer to buy Cannabis oil India rather than the cannabis plant because the latter can be abused for instance smoking and using the plant for ingesting. Therefore, growing cannabis plants and collecting cannabis seeds is considered as unacceptable behaviour in India. However, growing and buying CBD oil is legal in India and the medicinal properties of the substance have been known since decades.

Many countries across the globe including India have taken some initiatives to improve the medicinal aspects of their health care systems. But many of the health care providers are still using outdated methods such as prescribing physicians and pharmacies to sell and distribute the product to patients. Moreover, the process of collection of oil from the cannabis plant is not yet standardised. In spite of all these challenges, the demand for CBD is increasing at an alarming rate in India. The demand for the medicine in India is more than that of the pharmaceutical drugs. So it is expected that the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies will be investing in this market sector in the near future.

The demand for CBD oil India has increased tremendously because many scientists have approved the efficiency and safety of the cannabis plant in improving the health conditions of many people across the globe. The doctors and researchers from all over the world are continuously involved in the development of new products which can further make the lives of cancer patients better. As a result, many new drugs are expected to come out in the next few months. Medical marijuana is very efficient in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and can also help in the control of seizures. Many diseases such as glaucoma, cancer and HIV are controlled by the application of the cannabis plant in India.

Look for the label

In the last year alone research suggests that as high as 60 percent of CBD products aren’t labelled correctly specifically with regards to the amount of cannabinoid in them. These CBD companies don’t mention the THC content of these products or they contain synthetic cannabinoids which have been identified to cause certain people to be sick. They are referred to as white brand’ CBD products.

Similar to the other, CBD products that are made from hemp farms that are of high quality like those, for instance, are generally from companies that are in charge of each stage of the process: development, formulation and production. So, you’re sure you can trust that the CBD business you’re buying from understands how closely they’re involved with the product (just inquire!) 

Need to conduct more study and understand the cause

Another thing to consider while buying cannabis oil is to know from where hemp was obtained. Methods of extraction vary from one company to the next. In general, you should locate hemp that has been extracted through a CO2 solvent that dissolves CBD molecules. This method draws higher amounts of cannabinoids from hemp to ensure a greater purity. Additionally, this method doesn’t include additional chemicals. If you’re considering CBD products made from hemp that have been extracted using a different method, make sure you know the chemical ingredients employed in the process since they could be harmful to your health or less effective when compared to pure CBD products and oils. A common query we receive from our customers even after conducting their own study is the distinction between CBD with broad spectrum and full-spectrum that we are able to quickly answer.

Legal concerns related to buying cannabis oil in India

It is quite legal to buy cannabis oil in India and many companies are offering this service to the customers. You don’t need to go to the pharmacies and buy the cannabis because they don’t sell the cannabis. The companies are providing the cannabis through different methods like online purchase, telephonic order etc. But it is recommended to buy the cannabis oil from the companies that are providing legal cannabis cultivation and processing as well.

The takeaway

The cannabis plants in India are crossed with many varieties of strains of cannabis, so that it can produce a good quality of the cannabis oil. The companies are trying to satisfy the growing demands by producing the best quality of the cannabis oil available today. The demand for the cannabis oil in India has increased drastically among the people. So many companies are making sure that they provide the best of the services to all the customers.

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